Tyler. No Filter.

He speaks with laughter. Echoing out from the chambers of his being, his howl ignites the dormant joy of those nearby. Arms stretched upwards, he feels every rise and fall of the journey ahead. Each twist and turn met with a stubborn joie de vivre; a refusal to let his lows infect his highs. He challenges life. Blows back at the wind. "Look Ma! No hands!" 

Black and white coats his canvas; what you see is what you get. No flash. All substance. He is the music. The dance. The party. He is the Goodfella.

Words by Rich Etienne

Layer, Snow

Last Friday, I traveled upstate with some of my boys Jeremy and Joekenneth to visit the Watchtower Educational Center in Patterson N.Y. After the experience, we purposely got lost and found ourselves on an empty road while the sun was approaching the golden hour. We stopped the engine, grabbed the camera and snapped away. Sometimes the spontaneity of shooting gives images the best result because you never know what you'll end up with.


Jeremy is wearing: overcoat, shirt and tie Jcew, Blazer and Pants Uniqlo, shoes Cole Haan

Joekenneth is wearing: suit Club Monaco, RL tie, Suitsupply shirt, vintage pocket Square and hat, J. Crew overcoat

Lou is wearing overcoat Banana Republic, suit Express, belt and gloves vintage, shoes Cole Haan, shirt Lands end, hat New York Hat Co        


We are back! I've been thinking about revamping the site for quite some time now but glad the change finally came. My graphic designer Paige Simpson did an amazing job helping me restructure things to give the site a more clean and organized look. I've also switch from Blogger to Square Space so if you have any issues with following along let us know. The site has almost been around for 5 years and interesting enough my interest has expanded into culture, lifestyle, art, travel and more. Thank you for following the journey and welcome to the New Dapper Lou.


Shot by J.Mitch

Wingate Park, Brooklyn

L'Homme Sans Visage...Bastille, Paris

Shot by Julien Boudet

During my last week in Europe, I met up with a photo friend Julien Boudet for a photo session. He mentioned how amazing the staircase in the building was on Boulevard Richard LeNoir.  But said the best time to shoot was at noon because the light was perfect. So I followed his strict instructions and got dressed in an African Print Dent de Man jacket, black HM shorts, brown Paul Smith loafers, and my usual fedora Borsalino hat. I made to the building at noon on the dot and we took the tiny elevator to the top floor. Everything in Paris seems to be tiny. Julien started shooting me from sixth floor and I walked down to the  fifth then forth but it felt awkward to look up, so I'm faceless in most of the shots. Hence the French title of the shoot, "L'Homme Sans Visage" which means The Man Without a Face. 


La Place des Vosges...Paris, France

Enjoy this impromptu photo set from Paris and have a great weekend. Shot by Paula DJL.


Taronga Zoo | Sydney, Australia

Taronga Zoo | Sydney, Australia

I had to make a decision between Taronga Zoo or Bondi Beach and it's quite obvious what I picked. Some of the locals raved about the zoo, so I wanted to see for myself what the hype was about. Yang-Yi-Goh of Sharp Magazine accompanied me on this little zoo adventure. It was literally a journey because the only way to get to the zoo is by boat. Upon arrival, the first thing I noticed was the gondola. Normally, I associate a gondola with skiing so it was an unexpected surprise at the zoo. We spend half the day looking at animals then realized the zoo is actually a depressing place. Kinda like jail for animals, but the worst part is having people stare and photograph you all day. Poor animals! But other then that random thought, Taronga Zoo is a great spot to visit. I love Sydney.

Jazzed | New Orleans, Louisiana

Jazzed | New Orleans, Louisiana

This outfit is kinda bold for me but I figured why not, since I was at NoLa Jazz Fest. Took me a while to figure out where to wear this Borsalino hat because it's such a special number. Paired the fedora with a plaid blazers and silk scarves because those are my favorite things to wear. This particular jacket is by Tommy Hilfiger (cargo pants too), my tank is from a discount store and is probably like 99 cent, suspenders and scarf are from a vintage store (btw that's the best place to get accessories). The watch is Brera and shoes are Converse. 


  • When putting an outfit together, mix high and low brands because it gives the look character. 
  • Pair vintage and new pieces to give the look balance. 
  • Try not to wear one brand from head to toe because it usually reads as boring, lazy and is normally pretty obvious. 

Remember, fashion is about experimenting but also staying with your boundaries.

Shot by Karen Blanchard at Jazz Fest

Great Gatsby...Tiffany & Co 5th Avenue

Great Gatsby...Tiffany & Co 5th Avenue

Tonight is the eve of highly anticipated film The Great Gatsby. So I put together an outfit inspired by the movie trailers and styling I've seen in magazines. Gatsby takes place during the roaring twenties, a time of jazz music, flapper culture, bootlegging an other activities I won't mention. But the era is  especially known for it's elegance and style. So I asked photographer Benjamin Rosser to snap my style interpretation of Gatsby at the Tiffany & Co store on 5th Avenue.

In the photo set, I'm wearing a plaid jacket by Mr. Brown by Duckie Brown for Rothmans, a white waistcoat, slim trousers, a pair of Paul Smith shoes, a white french cuff made-to -measure shirt, a rose gold watch and a micro check tan tie.

Enjoy the film and your weekend. 

Louisiana Lou | Jazz Fest, New Orleans

This outfit came together by accident. I was on a mission for a boater hat and finally found one at the West Village Goorin Brothers shop. But of course they didn't have my size at that shop. Turned out the Park Slope location did, so I trooped there and snatched up the last size medium. Across the street, I noticed a little vintage store. Upon entering, I immediately saw the Pointer Brand overalls but the shop owner mention they might be too small for me. Out of curiosity, I gave the striped overalls a shot and glad I did because they fit like a glove. I lie, a little baggy in the leg but I gotta guy that can fix that problem. Paired them with double tank tops instead of a t-shirt because I knew it would get hot at Jazz Fest. I originally had on loafers but some of my followers on Instagram told me the Fest was still kinda muddy because of rain last weekend. So, that's how the Converse chucks came into play. I'd rather mess up those then my leather loafers. My Brera watch and Doori bracelet don't change often so you'll probably see them in a lot of my shots.

Any thoughts of this look? How would you styled this?


Images of me shot by Karen Blanchard