Autofocus | East Flatbush


The cold, it is the worst type of feeling because it goes deep to the core and holes up inside of you refusing to feel any warmth just chilling your soul and shaking it so until blue stains your skin and kisses your lips until you don’t even know if the sun still exists. Cruel winters means a time of warmth. His eyes are in "autofocus" piercing through this seasonal astonishment. His only option is to adorn himself in outer garments that will benefit. He chooses to deck himself in a sleeveless, close-fitting and waistless garment. The vest. And to compliment it in a final layer, the topcoat. Style shall overcome this seasons brutal brisk air.

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Color Blind

Life in the city is too vivacious and vibrant to be limited to a boring routine. Too often we get caught up  in the same and forget how to explore new and refreshing changes. Why dull your senses in black and white when you can live life in color! The art decorating the landscapes around us all, can only get cooler by the clothes that we wear. Add a few more words to the thousands that we see on the street by shopping fresh, Fall choices at Eddie Bauer and #LiveYourAdventure.


Model Kadeem Johnson wearing the Bainbridge field jacket in Hazelnut from the pop-up shop on 100 5th Ave. The Photographs in this post were shot Bushwick, Brooklyn.  

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